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Around 40% of produced cadmium is used for anticorrosive metal plating. High plasticity of such coatings assures the screw fault-free performance. Cadmium is used in batteries (especially Ni-Cd batteries, Weston standard cells (~ 20%) and most of the remaining quarter are used mainly for pigments (~ 20%) and many kinds of solder, as stabilizers (~ 10%) for plastics (esp. polyvinylchloride), in semiconductors, as a component of antifriction, low-melting alloys, alloys for jewelry as well as a material for nuclear reactors rods.

Cadmium metal is used for anticorrosive and decorative purposes and in batteries. Cadmium-based low-melting alloys are used for glass-metal joining, in automatic fire extinguishers, for fine and complex gypsum moldings. Cadmium sulfide is used as a yellow pigment commonly called Cadmium yellow. Sulphate and amalgam are used in Weston standard cells.

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