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Cadmium Amide, Cd(NH2)2

When solutions of cadmium iodide or potassium cadmium cyanide are treated with potassamide dissolved in liquid ammonia, cadmium amide, Cd(NH2)2, is formed if the latter reagent is in excess. It is a white powder that becomes orange in moist air and finally changes to white cadmium hydroxide. It reacts violently with water, and explodes on heating with the liberation of metallic cadmium.

Potassium Cadmium Amide, Cd(NHK)2,2NH3

Potassium Cadmium Amide, Cd(NHK)2.2NH4, is produced as a white flocculent powder when the cadmium salt in the above reaction is in excess. Light turns it grey and it reacts violently with water, producing ammonia and the hydroxides of potassium and cadmium.

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