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Cadmium Chromate, CdCrO4

Alkali chromates precipitate basic or double chromates from solutions of cadmium salts.

The normal anhydrous chromate, CdCrO4, was obtained as a yellow powder, consisting of transparent prisms, by heating cadmium oxide, chromium trioxide, and water to 200° C. in a sealed tube.

The dihydrate, CdCrO4.2H2O, was obtained by heating the di-chromate with cadmium hydroxide in a sealed tube at 200° C. It is an orange crystalline powder, insoluble in water, soluble in acids, and goes brown on heating.

The ammoniates, CdCrO4.NH4.H2O and CdCrO4.4NH4.3H2O, have been prepared.

The following double chromates of cadmium and their ammoniates have been prepared: K2O.CdO.4CrO3.2H2O; K2CrO4.CdCrO4.2H2O; (NH4)2CrO4.CdCrO4.2NH4; 2(NH4)2CrO4.2CdCrO4.2NH4.3H2O.

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