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Cadmium Iodate, Cd(IO3)2

A white precipitate is obtained by mixing concentrated solutions of sodium iodate and cadmium acetate. The dried substance is only slightly soluble in water.

Transparent prisms of the monohydrate, Cd(IO3)2.H2O, separate when mixed dilute solutions of sodium iodate and cadmium nitrate are gently evaporated at the ordinary temperature. The crystals lose their water when heated, and finally evolve iodine and oxygen - cadmium oxide being left.

Cadmium iodate absorbs ammonia and forms the tetrammoniate, Cd(IO3)2.4NH4. Gentle evaporation of cadmium iodate dissolved in concentrated ammonia solution yields an ammoniated salt that is insoluble in water and decomposes violently at 170° C.

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