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Cadmium Sulphite, CdSO3

When cadmium dissolves in aqueous sulphurous acid, cadmium sulphite and a yellow precipitate of cadmium sulphide are formed.

Crystals of anhydrous sulphite, CdSO3, are obtained by dissolving cadmium carbonate in aqueous sulphurous acid and evaporating on the water-bath, or from hot mixed solutions of a cadmium salt and sodium sulphite.

A gelatinous dihydrate, CdSO3.2H2O, precipitates when alcohol is added to a solution of cadmium carbonate in aqueous sulphurous acid. It becomes crystalline on standing. The same hydrate is precipitated from mixed solutions of a cadmium salt and sodium sulphite at ordinary temperatures. Deniges said that he thus obtained crystals of a trihydrate.

Cadmium sulphite, anhydrous or hydrated, is difficultly soluble in water and readily in dilute acids.

Muspratt could not confirm the CdSO3.NH4 mentioned by Rammelsberg.

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