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Cadmium Thiophosphates

Cadmium Thio-orthophosphate, Cd3(PS4)2

Cadmium Thio-orthophosphate, Cd3(PS4)2, is obtained as a white crystalline powder by heating phosphorus pentasulphide with cadmium chloride or sulphate. It behaves similarly to the corresponding zinc salt.

Cadmium Thio-hypo phosphate, Cd2P2S6

Cadmium Thio-hypo phosphate, Cd2P2S6, is prepared, similarly to the corresponding zinc salt, in orange-yellow biaxial crystals. It decomposes partially in moist air. Aqueous alkalies liberate some hydrogen sulphide from it, and nitric acid acts on it very rapidly.

Cadmium Thio-pyrophosphate, Cd2P2S7

Cadmium Thio-pyrophosphate, Cd2P2S7, was obtained similarly. The white crystalline powder decomposes rapidly in air but is resistant to acids, and even hot concentrated nitric acid has only a slight action.

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