Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Cadmium Fluoride
      Cadmium Chloride
      Cadmium Bromide
      Cadmium Iodide
      Cadmium Chlorate
      Cadmium Perchlorate
      Cadmium Bromate
      Cadmium Iodate
      Cadmium Periodate
      Cadmium Suboxide
      Cadmium Oxide
      Cadmium Hydroxide
      Cadmic Hydroxide
      Cadmium Peroxide
      Cadmium Sulphide
      Cadmium Sulphite
      Cadmium Sulphate
      Cadmium Thiosulphate
      Cadmium Dithionate
      Cadmium Selenide
      Cadmium Selenites
      Cadmium Selenate
      Cadmium Telluride
      Cadmium Tellurite
      Cadmium Tellurate
      Cadmium Chromite
      Cadmium Chromate
      Cadmium Dichromate
      Cadmium Molybdate
      Cadmium Tungstate
      Cadmium Nitride
      Cadmium Azide
      Cadmium Amide
      Cadmium Nitrite
      Cadmium Nitrate
      Cadmium Phosphide
      Cadmium Hypophosphite
      Cadmium Orthophosphate
      Cadmium Pyrophosphate
      Cadmium Thiophosphates
      Cadmium Arsenide
      Cadmium Arsenite
      Cadmium Arsenates
      Cadmium Metantimonate
      Cadmium Carbonate
      Cadmium Thiocarbonate
      Cadmium Cyanide
      Cadmium Silicate
      Cadmium Borates
    PDB 1a4k-1exq
    PDB 1f48-1ihu
    PDB 1ii0-1mhu
    PDB 1mms-1qvg
    PDB 1qy0-1wb6
    PDB 1wje-2avp
    PDB 2b3p-2j6e
    PDB 2jdz-2x05
    PDB 2x09-3ccj
    PDB 3ccl-3ggf
    PDB 3h1u-3p5v
    PDB 3p5w-8ice

Cadmium Thiosulphate, CdS2O3

Cadmium Thiosulphate, CdS2O3.2H2O, is obtained by double decomposition between cadmium sulphate and barium or strontium thiosulphate. A colourless or yellowish oil separates when the solution, filtered free from insoluble sulphate, is treated with alcohol or alcohol and ether. After some time this oil solidifies into crystals.

The yellow-tinged crystals are monosymmetrical, retain their water in dry air, and decompose, gradually at low temperatures and quickly at high, according to the equation

4CdS2O3 = 3CdS+CdSO4+4SO2.

The double salts, as follows, have been prepared: Na2S2O3.3CdS2O3.9H2O, Na2S2O3.2CdS2O3.7H2O, and 3Na2S2O3.CdS2O3.9H2O; 3Na2S2O3.CdS2O3.16H2O, 3Na2S2O3.CdS2O3.3H2O; 5K2S2O3.3CdS2O3, 3K2S2O3.CdS2O3.2H2O; 3(NH4)2S2O3.CdS2O3.3H2O, 3(NH4)2S2O3.CdS2O3; 2BaS2O3.CdS2O3.8H2O, 3BaS2O3.CdS2O3.8H2O; 3SrS2O3.CdS2O3.10H2O.

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