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Cadmium Tungstate, CdWO4

Cadmium Tungstate, CdWO4 has been prepared as colourless imperfect crystals by melting sodium tungstate, cadmium chloride, and salt.

A white amorphous monohydrate, CdWO4.H2O, is precipitated from solutions of cadmium acetate by sodium tungstate. One part dissolves in about 2000 parts of water at 15° C.

The dihydrate, CdWO4.2H2O, is precipitated from mixed solutions of a cadmium salt and sodium tungstate. It is very insoluble in water and, after ignition, in acids.

The metatungstate, CdO.4WO3.10H2O, and the paratungstate, 3CdO.7WO3.16H2O, have been prepared.

The double salts, Na2O.2CdO.7WO3.18H2O and 3(NH4)2O.12CdO.35WO3.35H2O, have been reported.

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